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NCT ID: NCT06241339 Available - Stroke Clinical Trials

Chronic Effect of Mat Pilates on Neuromotor, Cardiovascular Functions and Inflammatory Markers in Individuals Post-Stroke Stroke and High Blood Pressure

Start date: n/a
Study type: Expanded Access

The Pilates method aims to develop conscious control of body movements. In the literature there are studies that relate the method to postural stabilization, joint rehabilitation, treatment of low back pain, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However, studies on the modality's potential for improving isokinetic and antihypertensive strength are scarce, particularly in post-stroke hemiparetic individuals with high blood pressure (BP). The objective of the study is to investigate changes in isokinetic strength and BP, in addition to functional capacity, balance, autonomic modulation, blood biomarkers and endothelial function in hemiparetic individuals due to stroke sequelae and/or with high BP (prehypertensive and hypertensive), after 12 weeks of training with Mat Pilates. Eligible volunteers will be randomly divided into a Mat Pilates group with stroke (GP-AVE), Mat Pilates group with high blood pressure (HA) (GP-HA), control group with stroke (GC-AVE) and control group with HA (GC-HA ). On the first and second visit, measurements of isokinetic strength, functional capacity, static and dynamic balance, heart rate variability, cardiac output, stroke volume, endothelial function, total peripheral vascular resistance and blood biomarkers will be carried out. In addition, 24-hour BP will be measured by ambulatory monitoring (ABPM). GP-AVE and GP-HA will participate in a 12-week Mat Pilates program, totaling 36 training sessions lasting approximately 60 minutes, with an increasing degree of difficulty and complexity throughout the training period. GC-AVE and GC-HA will be instructed to maintain their daily activities during the intervention period, then they will be invited to participate in the Mat Pilates program. The initial measurements will be repeated at the end of the intervention in the Mat Pilates and control groups. Intra and intergroup comparisons will be carried out for all outcomes, for a significance level set at p ≤ 0.05.