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NCT ID: NCT06143189 Completed - Cancer Clinical Trials

Well-being Biomarkers (BIOSMILE) & Psychology Analyses in Women With Cancer After Hospital Clowns and Hosting Effects

Start date: August 21, 2020
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The goal of this interventional study is to evaluate the impact of Hospital Clowns (HCs) intervention, besides to hospital hosting conditions, in the well-being of adult female patients during ambulatory chemotherapy. The main question[s] it aims to answer are: - Do the short-term HCs interventions during ambulatory chemotherapy may increase well-being of adult cancer patients in comparison to the hospital hosting conditions? - Do the short-term HCs interventions, besides the hospital hosting conditions, have effects on well-being biomarkers in association with psychological outcomes? Participants self-collect a sample of saliva followed by psychological assessment, at a first time-point (basal) and at a final time-point (~after 90 minutes of basal) (pre- and post-test), during the chemotherapy treatment session. Researchers have compared an HCs intervention plus hosting conditions - experimental group, EG, and hosting conditions only - control group, CG, by the repeated measures of pre- and post-test of biomarkers in saliva and the psychological functioning evaluations, to see the degree of the impact of HCs intervention in the well-being of the patients in comparison with normal hosting conditions. Each HCs intervention lasts around 15 minutes, and it is performed in the middle of the procedure between pre- and post-test.

NCT ID: NCT06123416 Completed - Healthy Clinical Trials

Emotion Regulation and Cancer Caregiving

Start date: January 16, 2019
Study type: Observational [Patient Registry]

The purpose of the study is to determine how the behaviors of cancer caregivers can impact patients.

NCT ID: NCT06074445 Completed - Cancer Clinical Trials

Caring for the Sexual Health and Wellbeing of Cancer Survivors and Their Intimate Partners: An Anonymous Survey

Start date: August 23, 2022
Study type: Observational

The aim of this survey study is to provide broad information as reported by cancer survivors and their intimate partners about both their sexual health and their experiences of care from the United Kingdom hospital cancer team, including their perspectives on factors that may hinder or help care. This information will be analysed and used to inform the questions asked in a separate, subsequent, qualitative study.

NCT ID: NCT06054048 Completed - Cancer Clinical Trials

Open Video System in Medicine (oVID)

Start date: February 1, 2019
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

Currently, there are no telemedical visits between patients and/or their relatives and a palliative physician for the evaluation of symptom and progress monitoring. This is done during visits of the patient by the coordinators and palliative physicians of the palliative network/PKD Münster (PKD = Palliative Care Consultation Service) and/or the general practitioners. Upon enrollment in the Palliative Network/PKD Münster, patients receive a 24-hour emergency telephone number. This is staffed by a caregiver who coordinates the deployment of other caregivers / palliative care physicians according to the information provided by the patient / family members. If patients are randomized to the "telemedicine" group, they have the option of using ELVI (ELVI = electronic visit) in addition to conventional care, and thus the possibility of televisits with physicians or nurses. In this case, they receive access data for ELVI, i.e., an access code for a virtual waiting room. In addition, patients will be given questionnaires at discharge to be completed on the day of discharge and on days 7, and 14. The primary objective of this randomized trial is to demonstrate that telemedically managed patients are not relevantly inferior to conventionally managed patients in terms of change in Integrated Palliative care Outcome Scale (IPOS) from the day of discharge (non-inferiority question), although the possibility of televisiting may result in less frequent physician visits to the patient's home.

NCT ID: NCT06024954 Completed - Cancer Clinical Trials

Pain, Anxiety of Aromatherapy and Music Effect on

Start date: August 10, 2022
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The research is planned as a randomized controlled trial. The main question[s] it aims to answer are: [question 1]: Does the inhaler effect of music and aromatherapy applied to palliative care patients have an effect on pain, anxiety and vital signs? The individuals in the research group are divided into four groups as music group, aromatherapy group, music and aromatherapy and control group. . Before and at the end of the intervention, data collection tools [Patient Description Form, Visual analog scale,face anxiety scale, Distress Thermometer, Edmonton Symptom Scale] will record the characteristics of pain, anxiety and vital parameters. Patient Identification Form: It is a questionnaire that includes sociodemographic characteristics (gender, age, educational status, income status, employment status and occupation) and questions about the disease, created by the researchers by scanning the literature.

NCT ID: NCT06001723 Completed - Depression Clinical Trials

A Feasibility Study to Determine Whether the Botanical Garden Become a Region of Forest Therapy for Cancer Survivors

Start date: August 4, 2022
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The forest healing system is an important topic of alternative therapy in recent years. To investigates forest therapy's effectiveness in alleviating negative emotions among post-cancer patients. It compares therapy outcomes at Taipei Botanical Garden and Fushan Botanical Garden. Utilizing a pretest-posttest experimental design, a two-hour guided forest healing activity serves as the intervention method. Data collection involves instrumental tests and saliva samples.

NCT ID: NCT05967104 Completed - Cancer Clinical Trials

Sexual Education in Women Based On The Plissit Model On Awareness And Attitude in Midwifery Students

Start date: May 1, 2022
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

In this study, it was aimed to determine the awareness levels and attitudes of the students with the sexual counseling training conducted in line with the PLISSIT model. This experimental (randomized-controlled) study was conducted with midwifery students who agreed to participate in the study and met the inclusion criteria at a state university in western Turkey. As a result of the randomization, there were 38 students in the intervention group and 36 students in the control group. While training based on the PLISSIT framework was given to the intervention group, no training was given to the control group. Data were collected through the Introductory Information Form, the Gynecological Cancer Awareness Scale (GCPS), and the Sexual Attitudes and Beliefs Scale (CTÄ°Ö) before the training and after the completion of the 3 trainings.

NCT ID: NCT05940753 Completed - Cancer Clinical Trials

Flash Mob Study With Regard to Travel Willingness Among Patients With Cancer

Start date: March 13, 2023
Study type: Observational [Patient Registry]

This is a cross-sectional study in the form of a flash mob study, in which an inventory will be made on 13 and 14 March 2023 of the willingness to travel of oncology patients in the participating hospitals. Patients who have an appointment with an internist-oncologist or oncology specialist nurse at the outpatient clinic or by telephone and patients who come to day treatment unit for medical oncology are asked to participate. Willingness to travel is examined by means of a survey, in which a minimal set of categorized patient data (e.g. age, gender, level of education) is collected as part of the survey.

NCT ID: NCT05930626 Completed - Cancer Clinical Trials

Biomarkers of Acrylamide, Glycidol, POPs, PFAS and Disease Outcomes and OMICs Signatures

Start date: January 1, 1997
Study type: Observational [Patient Registry]

The aim of the project is to assess the associations between biomarkers of acrylamide and glycidol exposure and disease outcomes in a case-cohort study based on two prospective cohorts with biobanks. The investigators also aim to assess the exposure-affected OMICS signatures and molecular pathways underlying disease development (specifically cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction and stroke and cancer such as breast-, endometrial and colorectal cancer) for these exposures along with persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and per- and polyflouroalkyl substances (PFAS) using a prospective cohort study utilizing and integrating various 'OMICs' technologies.

NCT ID: NCT05921916 Completed - Cancer Clinical Trials

Study to Assess the Safety and Tolerability of MBF-118 in Healthy Volunteers

Start date: July 3, 2020
Phase: Phase 1
Study type: Interventional

This is a single center, randomised, double blind, placebo controlled clinical study to assess the safety and tolerability of MBF-118 in healthy volunteers.This clinical phase I trial is divided in two stages and involves, first, a single ascending dose (SAD) study in healthy young male volunteers and then a multiple ascending dose (MAD) study in healthy young men and woman. MBF-118 is developed for the treatment of cancer.