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The study was to evaluate the use of the Tip Stim device to achieve coordinated movement and grip force in stroke patients under conditions of active and passive stabilization of the trunk.

Clinical Trial Description

To test the effectiveness of the Tip Stim device, each patient received (alternating) both the experimental and control treatments in a specific sequence to assess the coordination of human hand movement and the grip strength. The first therapy with the use of Tip Stim parameters (Ratio current time to pause time: 2 sec :5 sec; Ramp (rise time impulse): 0,3 sec; Frequency: 20 Hz; Pulse width: 300 µs). Another session (putting on the glove without setting any parameters) took place after a week (time to mute the effects of the intervention). The duration of each therapy session is 60 minutes. After the first therapeutic session and after a week, the parameters of movement coordination and hand grip were examined. The study of motor coordination and grip strength was performed in two different starting positions: sitting (no stabilization) (fig. 1) and lying (with stabilization) (fig. 2), and with a different position of the examined upper limb. During the first examination, the subject sat on a treatment table, feet resting on the floor. Upper limb examined in adduction, with bent elbow joint in the intermediate position between pronation and supination of the forearm. In the supine examination, the upper limb was stabilized against the subject's body (adduction in the shoulder joint, flexion in the elbow joint in an intermediate position). In each of the starting positions, first after putting on the glove, the range of passive motion in the radial-wrist joint (flexion and extension) and fingers (global flexion and extension) was measured, then the active movement was measured, in the sequence as above. Eventually, they were asked to make movements as quickly and as fully as possible. Measurement of the grip force with a dynamometer was performed in both analyzed starting positions after testing the ranges of motion and speed/frequency. The Hand Tutor device and the EH 101 electronic hand dynamometer measuring the strength of the handgrip (measurement error 0.5 kg / 1 lb) were used to test the parameters of motor coordination and grip strength. The Hand Tutor is a device with a rehabilitation program and the ability to measure the range of passive and active movement, deficits of movement (error of measurement, 5 - 10 mm) as well as the speed/frequency of movement (error of measurement, 0,5 cycle/sec.). ;

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NCT number NCT04825405
Study type Interventional
Source Military Institute of Medicine, Poland
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date July 10, 2019
Completion date February 14, 2020

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