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Neuroprotection is expected to be an important therapeutic strategy for acute ischemic stroke(AIS), but almost all neuroprotective drugs proved effective in rodent models have failed after entering clinical trials. This study aims to screen the differentially expressed proteins in peripheral blood of patients with acute ischemic stroke and with further study in the animal model of non-human primate cerebral infarction, we may determine the biomarkers that can evaluate the efficacy of neuroprotective drugs.

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Acute ischemic stroke (AIS), is a major disease which cause death and disability. Globally, ischemic stroke is the second most common cause of death from vascular diseases and the third most common cause of disability. For decades, neuroprotection has been highly expected as an important treatment for cerebral ischemia, but almost all neuroprotective drugs proved effective in rodent models have failed in clinical trials. In this study, we enrolled patients with acute ischemic stroke, collecting their peripheral blood samples at 1 day and 3 months of onset. Neuropsychological scales evaluation and imaging evaluation were also completed at 1 day, 7 day and 3 months of onset respectively. Correlation research in combination with the patient's clinical information were conducted to preliminarily screen the proteins related to the prognosis of neurological function, which was reflected by patients' mRS scores at 3 months of onset, in peripheral blood. Further study in the animal model of non-human primate cerebral infarction may determine the biomarkers that can evaluate the efficacy of neuroprotective drugs. ;

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NCT number NCT05689528
Study type Observational
Source Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University
Status Completed
Start date July 1, 2017
Completion date July 31, 2021

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