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The overarching goal of Glycemic Observation and Metabolic Outcomes in Mothers and Offspring (GO MOMs) is to perform a comprehensive, longitudinal description of maternal glycemia over the course of pregnancy and to evaluate how glucose levels throughout pregnancy relate to traditional third trimester gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) screening and perinatal outcomes.

Clinical Trial Description

GO MOMs is an observational study designed to characterize the glycemic profile of pregnancy using continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology in order to develop criteria using CGM measurements and/or early pregnancy oral glucose tolerance testing (OGTT) at 10w0d-14w0d gestation that are predictive, along with clinical factors, of adverse pregnancy outcomes in mothers and their newborns. GO MOMs involves multiple institutions and an anticipated 2150 participants. Participants will attend 4 research study visits: Visit 1 (10w0d-14w0d gestation), Visit 2 (16w0d-20w0d gestation), Visit 3 (24w0d-28w0d gestation), and Visit 4 (32w0d-36w0d gestation). Additional data will be collected at a Delivery Visit and via chart abstraction. Mothers will have a Remote Follow-up call after delivery to collect additional data. At Visits 1-4, a blinded CGM sensor will be placed. Participants will be instructed to wear the sensor for 10 days after which time they will follow instructions to return it to their study site. At Visit 1 (10w0d-14w0d gestation), participants will undergo a 75 g 2-hour (hr) OGTT. At Visit 3 (24w0d-28w0d gestation), participants will undergo a 100 g 3 hr OGTT. Visit 1 will include an extended maternal interview to collect social and demographic, medical history, obstetrical history, surgical history, family medical history, current health and pregnancy, and lifestyle (sleep, alcohol, tobacco use) data. Medical history, alcohol and tobacco use data will be updated at each study visit. Sleep data will be updated at Visit 3 (24w0d-28w0d gestation). Blood and urine samples will also be obtained at each visit for additional laboratory testing and some will be stored for ancillary investigations. At the Delivery Visit, newborn physical measurements including weight, length and skinfolds will be performed. Birthweight at delivery will also be obtained through chart abstraction. Primary statistical analyses will be performed to develop predictive criteria based on CGM and/or OGTT measures at Visit 1 (10w0d-14w0d gestation) along with clinical factors for primary maternal and newborn outcomes. Secondary analyses will further refine predictive models and will evaluate associations of maternal glucose with secondary outcomes and longitudinal modeling of maternal glycemia over the course of pregnancy. ;

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NCT number NCT04860336
Study type Observational
Source Northwestern University
Contact Mary Beth Tull, MS
Phone 1 312 503 4746
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Start date April 1, 2021
Completion date July 31, 2025

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