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NCT ID: NCT05201040 Recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Evaluate the Safety and Effectiveness of Mannitol-combined Hyaluronan Supplement in the Treatment of Knee OA

Start date: November 15, 2021
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of JETKNEE Synovial Fluid Supplement for alleviating pain of knee osteoarthritis (OA).

NCT ID: NCT05197036 Recruiting - Clinical trials for Rheumatoid Arthritis

A Global Clinical Study Investigating the Safety and Effectiveness of Smith and Nephew's Porous Knee System in Patients Who Need a Total Knee Replacement Due to Degenerative Arthritis, Post-traumatic Arthritis or Inflammatory Arthritis

Start date: December 21, 2021
Study type: Observational

A clinical trial investigating the safety and effectiveness of Smith and Nephew's FDA-approved Porous Total Knee System, which is used to replace worn away and diseased knee joints. The aim of this study is to show that most patients who receive the Porous Total Knee System have reduced pain, greater mobility and a long-lasting implant post-surgery.

NCT ID: NCT05196919 Not yet recruiting - Inflammation Clinical Trials

Double-blind Safety and Efficacy of XT-150 for Facet Joint Osteoarthritis Pain for the Treatment of Facet Joint Osteoarthritis Pain

Start date: January 2022
Phase: Phase 2
Study type: Interventional

This is a Phase 2a safety and efficacy study of XT-150 in adult participants experiencing back pain due to inflammation of the facet joint, also known as facet joint osteoarthritis (FJOA), and who are eligible for intra articular glucocorticoid injection, or radiofrequency ablation of medial branches of the primary dorsal ramus of the exiting nerve root, which innervates the adjacent facet joints.. Study drug will be administered by bilateral intra-articular (IA) injection into the facet capsule, at the affected spinal level (e.g. L3-4, L4-5, or L5-S1) as determined by imaging (e.g., MRI, CT) and physical exam. Up to 60 participants will be randomized to placebo or one of two dose treatment groups (20 participants per treatment group). 1. 150 µg XT-150 (1.0mL total delivered by two 0.5 mL injections) 2. 450 µg XT-150 (1.0mL total delivered by two 0.5 mL injections) 3. Placebo (Sterile saline) (1.0ml total delivered by two 0.5 mL injections) Safety parameters and efficacy endpoints will be evaluated at Baseline, Day 7, Day 14, Day 30, and approximately monthly through 180 days (±14 days) from the injection date.

NCT ID: NCT05193877 Not yet recruiting - Clinical trials for Treatment Complication

Autologous Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate Injection for the Treatment of Early Osteoarthritis: a Randomized Controlled Trial, Baghdad 2022

Start date: February 2022
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

We present a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to assess the efficacy of autologous bone marrow aspirate concentrate BMAC of 1.8x 10 9 median cellular content in the treatment of early symptomatic knee OA. We use 2 injections 2 months apart (8).

NCT ID: NCT05190588 Not yet recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Efficacy of Mesotherapy in Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis

Start date: February 27, 2022
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

Purpose: The investigators aimed to determine whether this treatment is effective on pain and function by applying mesotherapy treatment to patients followed up with gonarthrosis. Methods: This study is a prospective randomized controlled study. The research will be carried out between November 2021 and April 2022 in Pamukkale University Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) After the approval of the Pamukkale University Faculty of Medicine Ethics Committee, 38 patients diagnosed with gonarthrosis will be divided into 2 groups using a table of random numbers. The first group will be the group that only applied quadriceps strength exercise and Mesotherapy will be applied to the second group along with quadriceps strength exercise. The data will be analyzed with the SPSS package program. Continuous variables will be given as mean ± standard deviation and categorical variables as numbers and percentages. parametric test Test of Significance of Difference Between Two Means in comparison of independent group differences when assumptions are met; When parametric test assumptions are not met, the Mann-Whitney U test will be used to compare independent group differences. In addition, the relationships between continuous variables will be examined with Spearman or Pearson correlation analyzes and the differences between categorical variables will be examined with Chi-square analysis. Since there is no similar study conducted and there is no possibility to conduct a pilot study, assuming that a moderate effect size will be obtained as a result of the power analysis made in the direction of the hypothetical expectations, it was taken to obtain 80% power with 95% confidence, and it was calculated that at least 38 people should be included in the study.

NCT ID: NCT05190380 Recruiting - Sarcopenia Clinical Trials


Start date: November 10, 2021
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The study will be randomized controlled trial. This study will be conducted in University of Lahore Teaching Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan. A sample size of 84 will be randomly allocated into two experimental groups, (42 participants in each group), by computer generated random number list. The participants,randomly allocated to the experimental group A, will receive high intensity resisted exercises ,in addition with routine physical therapy as TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator), Hot pack, Deep friction massage Each session will be of 35-45 minutes with 5 minutes warm up, 35 minutes for training session and lastly 5 minutes for cool down • Participants in experimental group B, will receive Low intensity resisted exercises in addition with routine physical therapy

NCT ID: NCT05186714 Not yet recruiting - Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Mind-body Approach and Gut Microbiota in Osteoarthritis

Start date: June 1, 2022
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

This exploratory study is to compares mechanisms of mind-body exercise with wellness education program on gut microbiota for osteoarthritis as a basis for a future large-scale trial.

NCT ID: NCT05184010 Not yet recruiting - Ulnar Nerve Release Clinical Trials

Arthroscopic Treatment With Ulnar Nerve Release for Elbow Osteoarthritis

Start date: January 30, 2022
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

This study is a prospective randomized controlled study of arthroscopic release for primary osteoarthritis of the elbow with stiffness with or without ulnar nerve release. The patients with primary osteoarthritis of the elbow with stiffness, which ulnar neuropathy proven by electromyography without clinical symptoms, were randomly divided into groups before the operation. Before the arthroscopic operation was began, the procedure of ulnar nerve release was performed according to the group(release group or unrelease group). In different time periods postoperatively, the quantitative and qualitative indicators including pain, functional score, muscle strength, etc. were compared between groups at the same time period to evaluate the difference in the effect of arthroscopic treatment combined with ulnar nerve release.

NCT ID: NCT05183750 Recruiting - Clinical trials for Investigate the Change in the Weight-bearing-line (WBL) Ratio of the Ankle Joint and Ankle Joint Line Orientation After HTO

Ankle Pain and Orientation After High Tibial Osteotomy as a Treatment of Medial Compartment Knee Osteoarthritis

Start date: December 15, 2021
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

Changes in demographics and physical activities of the young population have increased the number of patients with medial unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis (OA) requiring surgical intervention. High tibial osteotomy (HTO) have shown good clinical results in restoring lower extremity alignment, reducing pain, and improving knee function in patients with moderate-to-severe knee osteoarthritis and genu varum deformity. The aim of this study is to evaluate the relation between correction of the malalignment of the knee and ankle pain and orientation in patient of medial compartment knee osteoarthritis using high tibial osteotomy by recent reports concerning the indications, functional outcomes and complication.

NCT ID: NCT05182034 Not yet recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial to Evaluate Efficacy and Safety of SMUP-IA-01 in Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis

Start date: January 21, 2022
Phase: Phase 2
Study type: Interventional

This clinical trial is for patients who have been diagnosed with Kellgren-Lawrence (K&L) Grade 2 or 3 knee osteoarthritis on radiographic examination. Only subjects who voluntarily agree to participate by filling out the written Informed Consent document will undergo screening for subject selection (inclusion/exclusion) criteria, at which time the severity of OA in each knee will be used to determined which knee will be treated (index knee - i.e., the more severely affected knee), and enroll in this study.