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A nurse-led physical activity program including an individualized exercise program using wearable technology and health coaching based on Social Cognitive Theory will be implemented for women surviving cancer. The impact of the nurse-led physical activity program on physical activity level, health-related quality of life and cognitive factors (self regulation, outcome expectation, self efficacy, perceived social support, perceived environment) will be evaluated in the study.

Clinical Trial Description

This study protocol describes a randomized controlled trial with parallel group design. Participants will be Breast cancer survivors who aged 18-65, have finished active treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiotherapy) in the previous 5 years, no evidence of recurrence and contraindications, and are completing less than 150-minutes of Moderate-Vigorous intensity Physical Activity (MVPA) per week. Participants will be randomly assigned to the intervention and control group. Wearable Technology using Social Cognitive Theory based physical activity program (WATSOCPAP) created for the Intervention Group includes 3 different intervention components: (1) Supervised and individualized exercise plan; (2) Physical activity monitoring with activity tracker; (3) Nurse-led physical activity coaching program. Participants will be administered strengthening and aerobic exercise program, structured and individualized according to the person's individual capacity and needs, under the supervision of a physiotherapist. The activity tracker will provide real-time activity information about daily steps, time spent with MVPA (minutes/day) and sedentary time. The nurse-led physical activity coaching program was planned according to the Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) components such as self-regulation, outcome expectation, social support and perceived environment. WATSOCPAP is a 12-week program that includes text messages, face-to-face and online interviews. The first intervention in this group will begin with a 60-minute face-to-face individual training. After the first interview, text messages will be made according to the Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) components per weeks. Control group will receive standard care. Follow-up questionnaires will be applied by repeating the post-test at the 24th week. In the intervention and control groups, post-test will be applied 12 weeks after the pre-test, and follow-up questionnaires will be applied 24 weeks after the pre-test. ;

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NCT number NCT06248918
Study type Interventional
Source Istanbul Medipol University Hospital
Status Enrolling by invitation
Phase N/A
Start date March 1, 2024
Completion date October 1, 2024

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