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Stroke is the third leading cause of disability worldwide, with the hand being one of the segments whose affectation generates the greatest limitation in functional ability and quality of life. Neurorehabilitation is the most effective therapy as long as it is implemented both in the early (post-hospital stages) and in an intensive approach. However, the resources of healthcare systems are not enough to address the neurorehabilitation needs of patients with hand affectation after stroke. Thus, current scientific literature advocates transferring such rehabilitation to the patient's home through therapeutic exercise programs - whose clinical and economic effectiveness has already been demonstrated - as a way of reducing the consumption of resources. In order to achieve this, telerehabilitation is suggested as one of the most viable formats. However, current telerehabilitation systems such as video games and virtual reality do not provide a fully viable solution, mainly due to the lack of scalability and penetration of the technology, and the lack of a hand specific approach, whose importance is crucial in the recovery of function and autonomy in Activities of Daily Living (ADL). Different articles and reviews confirm the potential of tablet devices to solve these issues given their scalability and the multisensory feedback provided, making possible a more productive and intensive motor training and sensory stimulation in order to optimize cortical reorganization and neuroplasticity after a stroke. Both health professionals and patients have expressed the need for a specific Tablet application for neurorehabilitation of the hand after stroke, that follows the precepts established by the evidence. However, the lack of specific applications for this approach means that existing apps are used as an adaptation. Therefore, we propose the development and preliminary validation of ReHand, the first Tablet application developed according to the needs of healthcare professionals and patients, and the precepts of the most updated scientific literature, which allows the patient to perform an active therapy adapted to its hand limitations, and the healthcare professional to monitor their patient's home performance.

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NCT number NCT05204225
Study type Interventional
Source University of Seville
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date January 26, 2022
Completion date March 26, 2022

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