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Portal hypertension is not a disease in itself. Rather, it is an indication of an illness, caused mostly by chronic lesions of the liver because of distinct causes, such as viral infection, chronic alcoholism, or metabolic disorders. Other reasons include splanchnic vascular diseases (for example, obstruction of the portal or the hepatic veins). Portal hypertension is defined as a pressure in the portal vein exceeding the vena cava pressure by more than 5 mm Hg.

Clinical Trial Description

Indeed, use of simvastatin might attenuate liver fibrosis in patients with chronic C infection, it may also reduce hepatic vascular resistance and portal pressure by improving liver generation of nitric oxide and hepatic endothelial dysfunction in patients with cirrhosis, so it could be an effective therapy for portal hypertension. It might even improve survival of patients with cirrhosis after variceal bleeding. ;

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NCT number NCT02994485
Study type Interventional
Source Tanta University
Status Completed
Phase Phase 4
Start date October 2016
Completion date February 2018

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