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Thirty women diagnosed with PCOS had participated in the study. They suffered from amenorrhea or oligo-menorrhea and subcapsular follicles. Their ages were from 20-35 years. Their BMI was from 30 - 35 kg/m². Their waist/hip ratio was ˃ 0.85. Their LH/FSH ratio was ≥ 1.5. They were recruited randomly from the outpatient clinic of gynecology in Minya governorate hospital. They were randomly assigned into two groups equal in number: (A and B); group A (n=15) received 40000HZ ultrasound cavitation, group B (n=15) received 2600HZ ultrasound cavitation. Treatment time was 30 minutes /sessions, 3 times/ week for two months. Both groups (A and B) received a low caloric diet (1200 Kcal/day). All participants had their medical treatment as prescribed by the physician.

Clinical Trial Description

Participants in both groups were told to follow a low calorie diet (1200 Kcal/day) tailored to their specific needs (low in fat (15%), high in complex carbs (55%), and adequate in protein) (30 percent ) (11). The application procedure of ultrasound cavitation for both groups (A and B):- - Each participant in both groups (A and B) received instructions on the treatment techniques as well as the benefits of the USFC. - To improve lymphatic drainage, each subject was encouraged to consume one liter of water before and after the therapy sessions. - Each participant was urged to empty her bladder before beginning each treatment session so order to remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the session. - From a standing position, each participant's abdomen was divided transversally into three sections; see fig (1) 1- Part I: from the xiphoid process to 3cm above the umbilicus, 2- Section II: from 2cm below the umbilicus to the pubic bone, and vertically to the linea alba, each part was separated into right and left segments, resulting in a total of 6 abdominal segments. - Part III: 3cm above the umbilicus to 2cm below the umbilicus - After washing the skin on the anterior abdominal wall with alcohol, a conducting medium (gel) was placed to the ultrasonic instrument's cavitational head. - The gadget was turned on, a 30-minute timer was set, and the intensity was gradually increased. - The cavitation head then moved extremely gently in a small circular motion on each abdomen section for 5 minutes. - After completing the ultrasonic application to the six regions of the abdomen, the skin was cleansed with a piece of cotton. For group (A): 40000 HZ ultrasound was delivered for 30 minutes, 3 times/week for 2 months. For group (B):26000 HZ ultrasound was delivered for 30 minutes, 3 times/week for 2 months ;

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NCT number NCT05039125
Study type Interventional
Source Cairo University
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date April 30, 2018
Completion date August 2, 2021

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