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Sixty participants with nonspecific neck pain were randomly assigned to either the kinesiotaping (n=30) or exercise (n=30) group. At the beginning, at the 2nd week and at the 1st month, activity and rest pain with visual analog scale, cervical lateral flexion and rotation with goniometer, neck disability scale and trapezius thickness, trigger point volume, trigger point diameter, trigger point area (with ultrasonograpic imaging) will be evaluated. After the initial evaluation of the patients in the kinesiotaping group, 'I' strip kinesiotape will be applied with the space correction technique for the upper trapezius muscle, for a total of 4 sessions, 2 days a week, and the patients will be included in the 1-month home exercise program. Patients will be evaluated at the start of treatment, Week 2, and Month. Patients in the control group will only be included in the 1-month home exercise program. Patients will be evaluated at the start of treatment, Week 2, and Month 1. The participants inclusion criteria were; age between 18 and 65 years, symptom duration of at least 3 months. The exclusion criteria were as follows: (1) a diagnosis of cervical radiculopathy or myelopathy, (2) a history of acute neck injury or cervical surgery (3) diagnosis of psychiatric disorders (4) recent trigger-point injection or participation in a physical treatment program witin the last 6 monhts (5) any allergies to the tape and (6) having already received treatment with kinesio-taping.

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NCT number NCT05030181
Study type Interventional
Source Istanbul Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Training and Research Hospital
Status Active, not recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date April 1, 2021
Completion date August 31, 2021

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