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This is an online survey in Austria and Germany directed at parents with children born since the start of the first lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic (birthdate beginning with 16.03.2020). The survey includes questions about: - current stress levels and depressive symptoms, - resilience during the pandemic, - social support, - retrospective birth risk factors, pregnancy distress and pregnancy experience, - demographic factors and - other questions related to parenting and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Clinical Trial Description

The study evaluated data collected in the course of an online survey during the COVID-19 pandemic in Austria and Germany. The questions were conceived to reflect aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and early child rearing that could be affected by the pandemic, and included commonly used and previously validated scores for assessing pregnancy distress (Pregnancy Distress Questionnaire, PDQ), birth experiences (Childbirth Experience Questionnaire 2, CEQ2) postnatal depression (Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, EPDS), perceived stress (Perceived Stress Scale, PSS) and pandemic-related experiences (pandemic resilience part, adapted to postnatal period, from the Pandemic Related Stress in Pregnancy Scale, PREPS). In addition, the investigators composed questions and scales that referred to specific pandemic- and parenting-related issues that were not covered otherwise. The investigators also tried to question both the fathers and the mothers, and consequently mothers received more pregnancy-related questions than fathers. Furthermore, biological mothers received childbirth-related questions which were omitted for adoptive mothers. ;

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NCT number NCT05487105
Study type Observational
Source University of Salzburg
Status Completed
Start date May 18, 2021
Completion date July 1, 2021

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