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The phenomenon of physical activity (PA) avoidance in obesity has been detailed in the literature, but there is a lack of programs designed to address the root causes. In addition to common PA barriers such as lack of time, individuals with obesity face weight-related impediments, including stigma, shame, poor fitness, and low exercise self-efficacy, which reduce their engagement in PA. These impediments have been observed in white and minoritized populations. Numerous studies have suggested that individuals with obesity prefer activities that are enjoyable, less exhausting, and conveniently available in settings where they are not exposed to stigma. The studies also point to a need for programs that focus on the general health benefits of PA rather than weight loss, which although desirable, can be elusive. Unmet weight loss expectations contribute to high dropout rates and non-adherence to the prescribed PA regimen among those with obesity. This is particularly consequential for minoritized populations including African Americans who tend to lose less weight in lifestyle interventions but achieve significant improvements in many cardiometabolic outcomes. In this proposal, investigators present PA as a buffer against the deleterious effects of obesity, agnostic of weight loss status. The Physical Activity for The Heart (PATH) program was intentionally designed to provide vicarious experiences for diverse individuals with obesity, by featuring their peers in body size, fitness level, and age engaging in PA. The impact of the PATH intervention on these biomarkers will provide important insights into the mechanisms via which a combination of popular PA modalities improves cardiometabolic outcomes in the context of obesity.

Clinical Trial Description

The proposed research is significant because it will provide key evidence supporting the use of curated, openly sourced content to address PA barriers in obesity. Physical Activity for The Heart (PATH) intervention, which is anchored on the social cognitive theory's (SCT) premise that observing similar (i.e. body type, fitness level, age) others succeed can motivate action and help demonstrate a plan for success. Thus proposal will examine the feasibility of using PATH in a weight-neutral context and the preliminary effects on adipocytokines that influence insulin resistance. If PATH improves PA and adipocytokines, it could provide a highly scalable tool for mitigating the risk of cardiometabolic disease, especially among those looking for weight-agnostic PA programs. The walking, dance, and abdominal core workouts to be examined in this proposal are extremely popular and abundant on YouTube, which makes it easy to access and curate content that can be tailored to individual preferences. The highly scalable PATH program is accessible at any time in any setting and can lessen the impact of unpredictable barriers to PA such as inclement weather or pandemics. ;

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NCT number NCT06127251
Study type Interventional
Source Emory University
Contact Jacob Kariuki, PhD, NP
Phone 4047272353
Status Not yet recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date December 2023
Completion date November 2024

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