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The primary objective is to test the hypothesis that enoxaparin efficacy is reduced in severe nephrotic syndrome. Another purpose is to compare two dosing regimens.

Clinical Trial Description

Nephrotic syndrome (NS) is a rare clinical condition characterized by proteinuria exceeding >3.5 g/24h, hypoalbuminemia, dyslipidemia and edema and is associated with hypercoagulable state. In severe cases, with serum albumin ≤2.5 g/dL, the risk of venous thromboembolic events (VTE) is particularly high, and pharmacological prophylaxis is recommended. However, there is a limited evidence of its efficacy and optimal dosing. The study is designed as 3 arms clinical trial, with 2 study groups and a single control group. The study groups will include patients with severe NS parallelly, alternately assigned (1:1) into two enoxaparin dosing regimens. The control group will consisted of individuals without proteinuria and edema, similar in terms of age, anthropometric features and renal function to NS patients, who will be administered a standard enoxaparin dose. A peak anti-Xa activity at the steady state will be measured to determine the plasma concentration of enoxaparin. Additional laboratory tests for markers of NS severity, renal function and coagulation system proteins will be performed. The overhydration and body water compartments will be assessed using bioimpedance spectroscopy technique. Nephrotic patients will be followed up by 12 months to assess overt VTE and adverse events associated with enoxaparin use. ;

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NCT number NCT04558892
Study type Interventional
Source Military Institute of Medicine, Poland
Status Terminated
Phase Phase 2/Phase 3
Start date October 1, 2015
Completion date November 30, 2018

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