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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease affecting young adults. Impaired balance, walking, reduced physical activity and participation in employment are common, however, less integrated in the health care. The researchers have developed a multidisciplinary intervention and pathway delivered across health care levels targeting the promotion of balance, walking, physical activity and participation in employment. The research team will perform a pilot feasibility Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) and interviews to investigate the feasibility of the new intervention compared to a standard care for individuals with lower levels of disability.

Clinical Trial Description

The study addresses core elements in the health services for individuals with MS, constituting approximately 11000 in Norway. The two-armed pilot feasibility-RCT will be performed across the MS-outpatient (MS-OP) clinic, Nordland Hospital Trust, Bodø (NLSH), and in two surrounding municipalities, including 30 employed participants who will be followed for 10-weeks. The new intervention and pathway, CoreDISTparticipation, builds on GroupCoreDIST, which is previously found effective short and long term compared to standard care. CoreDISTparticipation consists of three phases: a) at the MS-OP clinic, in addition to the regular consultations, the patient will have a structured digital conversation with the MS-nurse addressing work related issues and a session with a physiotherapist exploring possibilities for change in balance and walking; b) in the municipality, a physiotherapist will continue exploration of improvements, followed by four weeks of GroupCoreDIST for 60 minutes, 2 times per week supplemented with home exercise programs focusing on balance, walking and physical activity. The participants will have access to exercise programs on videos through an open website at Nord University to digitally support home training. To promote participation in employment, a structured digital meeting between each patient, the MS-nurse, the patient's employer, and the physiotherapist (who leads the group trainings) will take place in phase b; followed by phase c) which include four weeks of outdoor group based exercises and physical activity led by a physiotherapist, for 60 minutes, 2 times per week supplemented with the same home exercise programs as in phase b. Evaluation of employment and physical activity will be conducted using an evaluation form. The control group will receive usual consultations at the MS-OP clinic, as well as a session with a physiotherapist at the MS-OP clinic, exploring possibilities for change in balance and walking. In the municipality the control group will follow standard care (their usual follow-up). The research team will examine feasibility, preliminary between-group differences regarding balance, walking, physical activity level, health related quality of life and barriers in employment, as well as the users' experiences with participation in the CoreDISTparticipation. ;

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NCT number NCT05057338
Study type Interventional
Source Nordlandssykehuset HF
Status Enrolling by invitation
Phase N/A
Start date August 27, 2021
Completion date August 30, 2022

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