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Arterial hypertension (HT) was the leading global contributor for premature deaths in 2015. Its treatment includes medication and lifestyle changes, namely diet and regular exercise, which has shown to have an inverse relationship with arterial HT. Recreational soccer (RS) has proven to be a non-pharmacological treatment for several chronic conditions, including arterial HT, with meaningful decreases on blood pressure (BP). Recreation futsal (RF) is expected to elicit comparable BP changes to RS considering that it imposes similar physical and physiological demands. However, the effects of RF on BP and other cardiovascular markers have not been previously investigated in participants only with controlled arterial HT. Furthermore, acute BP changes and double product elicited by this exercise modality were never described. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is to assess if RF is an effective coadjuvant intervention for BP control in adults with controlled arterial HT. Secondary purposes are: i) to determine the impact of RF on other cardiovascular markers; ii) to describe the acute BP changes and the double product elicited by RF; and iii) to assess the impact of 1 month of detraining on BP and other cardiovascular markers (4 months).

Clinical Trial Description

Statistical analysis The efficacy of the intervention will be assessed by comparing the differences between groups at follow-up, adjusted for the outcome baseline values and age (ANCOVA). Intention-to-treat approach will be the main analysis. The missing data will be imputed by using multiple linear regression. A per protocol analysis will also be performed (intervention group: attendance of at least 62.5% of the training sessions; control group: participants that did not engage in regular and supervised physical exercise or had an increase in dose or number of antihypertensive medication). The significance level will be set at 5%. Contingency plan If the recruitment rate is below than expected, potential measures are to include: i) 30-35- and 60-65-year-old participants; ii) participants with pre-hypertension or uncontrolled hypertension. ;

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NCT number NCT05185297
Study type Interventional
Source University Institute of Maia
Contact Susana Póvoas, PhD
Phone (+351) 808 202 214
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date November 17, 2021
Completion date December 2022

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