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The main aims of this study were to evaluate the patient reported outcomes (PROs), safety and efficacy, after 6-year (66 - 78 months) from the binocular implantation of the AT LISA tri 839MP. A secondary aim was to evaluate new metrics such as contrast sensitivity defocus curves and light distortion analysis.

Clinical Trial Description

Retrospective cross-sectional study with two stages: • Phone call interview: First stage included patient reported outcomes of visual function, spectacle independence and satisfaction through questionnaires conducted by a phone call in all the patients implanted in our center with AT LISA 839MP from March 2014 to June 2015 (n=92) which accomplished inclusion / exclusion criteria and were able to be contacted by phone (n=62). The incidence of Nd-YAG capsulotomy was retrospectively evaluated through the revision of the medical history, in patients for which capsulotomy was conducted in our center, or a question, for those treated in another center. • Study visit: Second stage included the consecutive invitation of these phone interviewed patients to a visit in our center for a long-term visual performance assessment up to accomplish the required sample size (n=37). Corrected and uncorrected monocular visual acuities were the primary end-points for testing non-inferiority hypothesis in comparison to 12-month follow-up mean results reported in the literature. Secondary variables of assessment were contrast sensitivity defocus curve and light distortion analysis. ;

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NCT number NCT04861909
Study type Observational
Source Qvision, Ophthalmology Department
Status Completed
Start date September 15, 2020
Completion date November 24, 2020

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