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The aim of the study is to investigate the effect of cranial electrotherapy stimulation (CES), for one hour a day over 3 weeks pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) program on symptoms of anxiety in post-Covid patients.

Clinical Trial Description

Many patients recovering from Covid-19 develop sequelae related to the disease. In addition to lung issues, symptoms of Post-Covid/Long-Covid Syndrome include fatigue, brain fog, amyosthenia, insomnia, anxiety and depression. These symptoms play a major role in post-Covid patients recovery. CES (Cranial electrotherapy stimulation) is a non-invasive therapy using low intensity alternating current applied through electrodes attached to the ear lobe. CES has been used to improve the condition of non covid patients suffering from depression, anxiety, fatigue and cognitive disabilities. This is thought to be due to a change in electric waves of the brain with an increase of alpha-waves and a decrease of beta- and delta-waves, as well as a change of concentration of neurotransmitters, e.g. beta-endorphin or serotonin. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the effect of CES in addition to normal PR, compared to PR alone on symptoms (e.g. anxiety) in post-Covid patients. Hypothesis: Three weeks of PR including daily use of CES for one hour will have a positive effect on symptoms of anxiety. Trial: 40 patients post-Covid reffered to inpatient PR will be recruited and allocated to one of two different groups. Group1: Anxious participants, Group 2: Non anxious participants. Within groups particpants will be randomized to intervention or control/sham. Intervention group will be using a functional device, and the other using a non-functional, SHAM device. Anxiety is evaluated using the Beck anxiety inventory on admission and at discharge from PR. Questionnaires to evaluate fatigue, depression and insomnia are the Fatigue Assessment Scale, PHQ-9, PSQI). A diary will be kept by each participant with a log of general health and mood over the PR program. ;

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NCT number NCT05126511
Study type Interventional
Source Schön Klinik Berchtesgadener Land
Contact Andreas R. Koczulla, Prof. Dr. med.
Phone 0049-8652-932730
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date November 19, 2021
Completion date March 31, 2022

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