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NCT ID: NCT01692639 Terminated - Clinical trials for Acetaminophen Overdose

Acute Acetaminophen Ingestion: Does Repeated Acetaminophen Blood Test Have an Interest?

Start date: May 2013
Phase: N/A
Study type: Observational

Acetaminophen is the first drug involved in voluntary drug poisoning. According to the studies conducted in the USA and in the United Kingdom, it is the first cause of acute liver failure, and this poisoning is responsible of 10 percent of liver transplants each year in these countries. Mortality is about 1/3 at the stage of acute liver failure. The main risk factors are malnutrition and chronic alcoholism. Ease of access to this toxic and highly correlated with factors predisposing socio-economic field are an important issue, including the speed and appropriateness of care are key factors both in terms of reducing morbidity mortality in socio-economic terms for the community.A nomogram defines a statistical threshold from which the blood concentration of paracetamol has a significant risk of liver toxicity. The blood paracetamol dosage practiced today at the 4th hour after ingestion of a toxic dose, but there is no consensus on whether or not to repeat this dosage during the treatment, as the first result is beyond the threshold or not.The administration of the antidote NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) in proven cases of liver toxicity is also regulated by a protocol that can vary in different services.In the absence of clear guidelines, the question of the need for iterative dosages of paracetamol blood beyond the fourth hour post-ingestion if the initial paracetamol blood measurement is below the curve nomogram remains open.Is it possible to limit blood tests to a single assay paracétamolémie to H4 when it is below the curve, and thus enable the return home of the patient's somatic point of view (excluding psychiatric care when is voluntary drug intoxication), with consequences in terms of costs (hospital days) and duration of treatment?

NCT ID: NCT01592448 Completed - Pain Clinical Trials

Investigation of Efficacy of Improved Acetaminophen Labeling

Start date: October 2012
Phase: N/A
Study type: Observational

The purpose of this study is to evaluate, through brief, one-on-one cognitive interviews, the efficacy of 'enhanced' acetaminophen messages and icons in improving consumer understanding and use of prescription (Rx) and non-prescription (over-the-counter, OTC) acetaminophen containing products compared to the current standard.

NCT ID: NCT01118663 Terminated - Clinical trials for Acetaminophen Overdose

Safety and Efficacy Study of a New Formulation of Acetylcysteine Injection

Start date: September 2010
Phase: Phase 3
Study type: Interventional

The primary purpose of this study is determine if a new formulation of Acetadote is at least as effective as the current formulation in the prevention and treatment of acetaminophen overdose related liver injury.