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NCT ID: NCT01674816 Not yet recruiting - Knee Osteoarthritis Clinical Trials

Minimally Invasive Three-dimensional Knee Kinematic Assessment and Surgical Guidance Using Ultrasonic Rigid Registration

Start date: December 1, 2020
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

Problem: Currently, no system allows precise kinematic assessment of the knee and accurate guiding of orthopedic surgical actions in a minimally invasive fashion. However, such a system would prove useful in the clinical setting to improve the quality of surgical interventions at the knee. Hypothesis: A novel knee kinematic assessment and surgical guidance tool using 3D personalized imaging and minimally invasive bony fixation allows precise kinematic assessment and surgical guidance in the routine clinical setting. Objectives : - Demonstrating the capacity of the system to precisely measure 3D knee kinematics - Quantifying the reproducibility of the kinematic measurements - Measuring the impact of knee surgical procedures on knee kinematics - Assessing the correlations between measured articular kinematics and clinical results after knee surgery - Integrating the novel measuring system to the surgical flow of three knee surgical procedures - Quantifying the precision and reproducibility of the surgical actions guided by the system - Comparing the clinical results of surgeries guided by the system to those performed with the traditional technique

NCT ID: NCT01661647 Not yet recruiting - 3D Knee Kinematics Clinical Trials

3D Kinematic Assessment of the Human Knee During Physical and Daily Life Activities

Start date: July 2, 2021
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

Problem : Precise and personalized 3D knee kinematic assessment during physical and daily life activities is a challenge; therefore, it was never performed on an important number of individuals. However, a better understanding of 3D knee kinematics during such activities would allow a better understanding of this often injured joint. Hypothesis: A new system using personalized 3D bone imaging and a percutaneous bone fixation device that can be used under local anesthesiaallows for precise and reproducible assessment of 3D knee kinematics during physical and daily life activities. Objectives : - To study human knee 3D kinematics during dynamic activities using a novel minimally invasive measuring system - Investigate the correlations between standard clinical knee laxity tests and measured 3D knee kinematics during dynamic activities