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This study will analyze whether dairy in combination with creatine supplementation will positively impact loading exercise-induced bone cell activity in healthy young females more than dairy and exercise or exercise alone.

Clinical Trial Description

Introduction: Two million individuals at a cost of around 2.3 billion dollars a year in Canada suffer from osteoporosis. Research that emphasizes the treatment of this disease is important, but so is research that focuses on prevention; reducing bone loss and/or increasing bone mass when young. Countermeasures to improve bone health, such as nutrition and exercise, should be explored and implemented, particularly during young adulthood when peak bone mass is achieved so that the burden of osteoporosis later in life can be mitigated. The proposed research combines both nutrition and exercise along with the assessment of bone turnover markers in healthy young females, and aims to determine whether dairy in combination with creatine supplementation positively impacts acute bone turnover following a bout of resistance and plyometric exercise.

Design: Randomized triple crossover trial.

Participants: 10 healthy university aged females.

Methods: Participants will be asked to complete 3 different acute exercise and nutritional supplement trials. Each trial will be assigned in random order. The three trials are: 1) exercise+carbohydrate (CHO), 2) exercise+milk (Milk), and 3) exercise+milk+creatine (Cre). The whole study will take a maximum of 12 weeks to complete as each supplement trial will be separated by 2-4 weeks. Each treatment is outlined below.

Anticipated Results: The investigators anticipate that creatine in conjunction with dairy and exercise will have a greater positive impact on acute bone cell activity in healthy young females more than dairy+exercise and more than exercise alone. ;

Study Design

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NCT number NCT03615989
Study type Interventional
Source Brock University
Contact Andrea Josse, PhD
Phone 1 905-688-5550
Status Recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date October 1, 2018
Completion date December 2019

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