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The study is designed to measure the safety and feasibility of the Eddii mobile app for children living with Type-1 diabetes and using a CGM (Continuous Glucose monitor).

Clinical Trial Description

Wearable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) sensors have revolutionized diabetes management over the past decade. By providing blood glucose (BG) concentration measurements continuously over consecutive days, CGMs are an increasingly adopted technology. While CGM devices have been shown to improve the safety and effectiveness of diabetes therapy to reduce hypoglycemia incidents and durability and to decrease glycemic variability CGM software and tools available for users to feel motivated and engaged are limited. Users of CGM often use an app that provides an interface for them to track their BG. In most cases, this app is offered by their CGM device provider. These interfaces are considerably basic and scientific in nature, often developed by scientists and engineers for the everyday user. These apps are particularly dull and tiresome for children and adolescents living with diabetes. Current real-time CGM interfaces present real-time BG reading, in addition to the BG trend and a historical chart, together with minimal options for the user to enter lifestyle data such as medications, meals, and exercise. Examples of such default interfaces are ones offered by Dexcom, Medtronic Guardian and Freestyle Libre. While some of these apps provide patterns and health summaries to the user, these are provided in a separate app to the one streaming real-time BG. With the emergence of rtAPI (real-time Application Programming Interface) integrations with CGMs, there is ample opportunity to improve the dynamism, sophistication, and offerings within these CGM Apps , creating a platform that delights the user rather than one that makes diabetes management seem like a daily chore. Furthermore, it is hypothesized that creating additional engagement in the form of games and real-life rewards will improve glycemic control. ;

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NCT number NCT05205876
Study type Interventional
Source Eddii, Inc.
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date January 2, 2021
Completion date August 31, 2022

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