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Pulse diagnosis is an important method to judge the status of patients in the process of diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. At present, the commonly used site of pulse diagnosis is the radial artery, which is divided into "cun""guan" and "chi".During menstruation, the secretion of estrogen and progesterone drops to the lowest level. On the 7th day of menstruation in the proliferative period, the secretion of estrogen increases rapidly and rises to the first peak before ovulation. In the mid-secretory period, the secretion of estrogen rises to another peak, and the secretion of progesterone also reaches the highest peak. The state of the endometrium during non-menstrual period can be significantly different from the state of exfoliation and necrosis during menstruation. There are obvious differences in hormone levels and endometrial state and thickness in menstrual period and secretory period, especially in the middle and late secretion period, which affects the blood laminar flow of the uterine wall and is reflected in the acoustic information of the radial artery. Therefore, exploring the pulse manifestation of physiological menstruation can be expected to lay the foundation for assisting the diagnosis of pathological menstruation and endometrial diseases. Our team found that there are low-frequency sound waves in the radial artery, which carry the physiological and pathological information of the organs in the body, and developed a "Pulse Detection System of Sound Waves ". Previous projects have explored the abnormal sound waves of radial artery in patients with sequelae of cerebral infarction, stable coronary heart disease, chronic gastritis, neck-shoulder syndrome, liver cirrhosis and other diseases and achieved certain results. Therefore, in this study, the "Pulse Detection System of Sound Waves " will be used to collect the sound waves in the radial artery of 62 healthy female college students during menstruation and non-menstrual period within the same menstrual cycle , and researchers will carry on the frequency spectrum analysis and wavelet analysis to extract the pulse features. A diagnostic test was carried out by researchers to calculate the sensitivity and specificity of the "Sonic Pulse Detection System" in menstrual diagnosis. This study will verify the efficacy of pulse diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine in the diagnosis of menstruation and lay a foundation for the diagnosis of pathological menstruation and endometrial diseases .

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NCT number NCT04857736
Study type Observational
Source Qianfoshan Hospital
Contact Lucheng Song, Doctor
Phone +8613589089003
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Start date April 9, 2021
Completion date March 9, 2022

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