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Purpose: To explore the sports performance of the adolescent sprinters, including analyzing the correlations between the results and central nerve sensory, and also between motor control and various muscle mechanical characteristic and sport-related fitness factor.

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The sprint performance was determined by various relevant factors, and they were mainly divided into central system factor and peripheral system factor. An effective sprint start requires a quick reaction to an auditory stimulus followed by a determined sequence of activation of particular muscles responsible for maximum movement speed. Both of the skill-related physical fitness, including muscle strength, muscle endurance, muscle power, speed, agility, and balance, and muscle physical characteristic, including muscle tone and muscle architecture, are related to the sprint performance. The 100m race could divided into three different phases, start acceleration, maximum speed, and deceleration. According to Collet, 1999, the determinants of the temporal structure of the sprint start are RT, movement speed and movement frequency, which involves in perfecting sprinters' physical performance. And also, according to Pilianidis et al., 2012; Tonnessen et al., 2013, the start reaction time significantly affects the reduction of running time in 100 m races. In the recent studies, there are researches only showing that the auditory stimulus trainings significantly affected the final results for swimming athletes, and that the visual stimulus trainings significantly affected the final scores for badminton athletes.This study will mainly recruit the healthy adolescent athletes of the athletics sprint and other kinds of sports in the age range 13-18 years, and will evaluate the athletes of anthropometric measurements and physical fitness, 100m sprint performance, muscle characteristic, jump ability, agility, and nerve potential measurements.The outcome of this study will be able to be one of the comprehensive trials for coaches to take into consideration when choosing their own athletes. And also, the athletes may choose their own specialties that fit their own physical conditions. Moreover, the adolescent athletes will be trained more precisely and effectively. These will positively lead to reaching their personal best results and decreasing the occurrences of the sport injuries due to unsuitable events and trainings. ;

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NCT number NCT04859153
Study type Observational
Source China Medical University Hospital
Contact Yueh - Ling Hsieh, PhD
Phone +886 929122977
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Start date April 20, 2021
Completion date February 1, 2022

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