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In the present study, during Part 1, after a baseline gastroduodenoscopy, the investigators will perform a gastroduodenoscopy twice, to take duodenal biopsies before and 2 hours after administration of CRH/placebo. The investigators will measure mucosal integrity and markers of immune activation as outlined in Parts A and B, and will use transmission electron microscopy to evaluate mast cell and eosinophil degranulation. After an interval period of at least 1 week, CRH or placebo will be administrated again in a crossover fashion. As a complementary study, the investigators will also test the effect of ex vivo mast cell blockade by lodoxamide to evaluate whether mast cells are involved in the hypothesized effect of CRH on duodenal permeability. In a second part of this study, Part 2, the investigators will perform a gastric barostat, to measure the gastric accommodation and sensitivity to distension, and a carbon-13-octanoic acid breath test to measure the gastric emptying time after administration of CRH/placebo. Healthy volunteers will have the option to choose to which part of the study (part 1 or 2) they wish to participate. They can also choose to cooperate to both study parts if preferred.

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NCT number NCT05071781
Study type Interventional
Source Universitaire Ziekenhuizen Leuven
Status Recruiting
Phase Phase 4
Start date May 21, 2021
Completion date July 2022