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Purpose: The present research was conducted to study the effect of treadmill training on balance after chemotherapy in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Subjects and Methods: Forty children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia included in the current research ranged of age from 8 to 12 years. The children participated in this study were assigned randomly into two equal number groups (A and B). Group (A) includes 20 children who received balance exercises, while group (B) includes 20 children who received the same balance exercises of group (A) and treadmill training. The treatment program was applied three sessions per week (60 min for every session) for 8 weeks. Balance Master System and Biodex Balance System were used to evaluate balance of all children in the three groups before and after the treatment program.

Clinical Trial Description

The current research is a randomized control trial to differentiate between the treadmill training on balance after chemotherapy in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy is related to the intensity of treatment and dosage of chemotherapy which could affect the severity of its symptoms, it could result in serious problems like sensory changes and numbness , in case the sensory nerves were affected , muscle weakness and in-coordination in case the affected were the motor nerves. In addition to the psychological problems the patient experience as a result of CIPN, the patient also experience physical problems like injuries, fear of fall results from lack of sensory perception and muscle power. Treadmill training, motor training may favor proprioceptive feedback, leading to adjustments for adequate postural balance and functional performance. Treadmill exercises stimulate the kinetic, kinematic, and temporal features of walking. These exercises improve the strength of the muscles of the lower extremities, enhance motor learning, improve functional abilities, and activate the locomotor control system ;

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NCT number NCT05032716
Study type Interventional
Source Cairo University
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date May 5, 2021
Completion date August 21, 2021