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Attenuation imaging (ATI) technology independently developed by Canon medical is a non-invasive examination technology for quantitative detection and analysis of liver steatosis. The technique is simple, rapid and quantitative diagnosis, and is suitable for screening and popularization of early liver steatosis in MAFLD. As noninvasive and effective detection measures of liver inflammation and liver fibrosis, SWD and SWE are more and more widely used in the quantitative diagnosis of liver inflammation and fibrosis. Therefore, ATI combined with SWD / SWE detection can quantitatively diagnose different pathological stages (steatosis, necrotizing inflammation and liver fibrosis) in the development of MAFLD, so as to provide an important basis for treatment.

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NCT number NCT04551716
Study type Observational
Source Chinese PLA General Hospital
Status Completed
Start date September 10, 2020
Completion date August 31, 2022