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Many of the Caribbean island nations have no data on iodine status in their populations. Iodine deficiency in children can reduce IQ but can be easily corrected through a program of salt iodization. The study will be located at 11 islands of the Caribbean region. At each of the 11 study sites, we will measure the iodine status in school-age children by collecting morning spot urine samples for measurement of urinary iodine concentration (UIC). We will also measure height and weight in all children. We will collect a repeat, next-day spot urine sample in 1/3rd of children to adjust for intra-individual variation in spot UIC and calculate the distribution of population intake.

Clinical Trial Description

In well-controlled randomized trials in Europe and New Zealand, even mild-to-moderate iodine deficiency in school-age children reduces IQ (1); thus, its critical to avoid iodine deficiency in this age group. In countries effected by iodine deficiency, its sustainable elimination through iodized salt can contribute to socioeconomic development. The goal to eliminate iodine deficiency was first adopted globally at the World Summit for Children in 1990, and in 1994, WHO and UNICEF concluded that salt iodization is a safe, cost-effective and sustainable strategy to control iodine deficiency (2). In 2005, the World Health Assembly called on national governments to report on their iodine nutrition every three years. However, before the present survey, the ten countries included in this project had no data on iodine status in their populations, and household access to adequately iodized salt was also unknown. Thus, the study objectives were: - Assess the distribution of iodine intake of school-age children and their iodine status by measuring urinary iodine concentrations; - Assess the iodine content of household salt and of seasoning powders; - Based on the above, provide the preliminary evidence base on which to make initial recommendations for iodine strategy/programs in the region. ;

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NCT number NCT04388540
Study type Observational
Source Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Status Completed
Start date January 1, 2018
Completion date June 30, 2019

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