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The goal of this clinical trial is to learn about acupressure in patients with colorectal cancer surgery. The main questions it aims to answer are: - whether acupressure can improve the motility of vagus nerve in patients after colorectal cancer surgery - whether acupressure can reduce the inflammatory response of the body - whether acupressure can reduce the incidence of gastrointestinal paralysis in patients after colorectal cancer surgery Participants will receive acupressure at ST36 twice daily starting from the first day after surgery and lasting for five days. Researchers will compare usual care group to see if acupressure has those above effects.

Clinical Trial Description

2. Purpose of the study 2.1 Main research objectives: To improve the gastrointestinal function of patients with colorectal cancer after surgery, with the design and implementation of acupressure as the intervention. Through clinical research, the effectiveness of acupressure in improving gastrointestinal function in patients with colorectal cancer surgery will be discussed, and the regulatory effect of acupressure on sympathetic and vagus nerves will be further revealed, and the mechanism affecting gastrointestinal function will be explored from the perspective of nerve and inflammatory response. 2.2 Secondary Research Objectives and Exploratory Research Objectives: 1. To shorten the length of hospital stay, and save medical resources in patients with colorectal cancer surgery; 2. To reveal the mechanism of acupressure, focusing on autonomic regulation and inflammatory response; 3. To explore the association of autonomic regulation with self-reported anxiety, depression, and stress. 3. Study plan 3.1 Design of experiments 1. Investigate the general data and perioperative data of colorectal cancer surgery patients Investigators will independently design the questionnaire, including the following aspects: (1) general information: gender, age, height, weight, previous abdominal surgery history, preoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy history, underlying diseases, etc.; (2) surgical conditions: surgical method, anesthesia method, duration of surgery, duration of anesthesia, intraoperative heat preservation measures and liquid input, etc.; (3) diet: drinking water, liquid diet, soft diet, ordinary diet time, etc.; (4) exercise: first time out of bed after surgery, etc.; (5) medication: antiemetics, Intramuscular analgesics, etc. 2. Design and implementation of acupressure intervention program On the basis of the previous clinical trial, the technique of acupressure at ST36 will be used to promote gastrointestinal movement compared with control group. The evidence-based basis is mainly derived from domestic and international guideline recommendations, Cochrane systematic review results, meta-analysis results, and large multi-centre randomized controlled trials. 3. Study on the mechanism of acupressure to promote gastrointestinal function By evaluating the 24-hour heart rate variability index of colorectal cancer surgery patients, the regulatory effect of acupressure on autonomic nerve will be evaluated, and the regulatory effect of acupressure on systemic inflammation will be revealed through the changes of postoperative inflammatory factors. ;

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NCT number NCT06118060
Study type Interventional
Source Qilu Hospital of Shandong University
Contact Yunhong Liu, PhD
Phone +86-0531-82169031
Status Not yet recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date November 1, 2023
Completion date July 30, 2025

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