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The Perosphere Technologies' PoC Coagulometer measures clotting times of fresh whole blood samples. Clotting is initiated by glass surface activation and terminates on optical detection of fibrin assembly, the final step in the coagulation cascade. Since activation occurs at the top of the intrinsic pathway and detection occurs at the bottom of the final common pathway, the Perosphere Technologies' PoC Coagulometer has shown sensitivity to a broad range of drugs and reagents that affect blood clotting processes, including the Direct Oral Anticoagulants, DOACs (e.g. rivaroxaban, apixaban, and edoxaban), as well as the heparins (e.g. enoxaparin, a low molecular weight heparin, and unfractionated heparin). The purpose of the present study is to characterize the performance of the PoC Coagulometer measuring Clotting Time Controls, as well as fresh whole blood from both healthy volunteers and DOAC patients at three field testing sites.

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NCT number NCT04868214
Study type Observational
Source Sciema UG
Contact Andreas Pfuetzner, Prof.
Phone +4961315884640
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Start date April 20, 2021
Completion date September 30, 2021

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