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The product is comprised of software that aids in automated guided ultrasound image acquisition for novice users (medical professional without experience in performing echocardiography, e.g. nurses, physicians assistants, medical doctors, medical student etc.). The software provides real-time feedback during image acquisition to optimize image capture and determine whether image quality is sufficient for medical evaluation. The software is designed to be used with any echocardiographic ultrasound system. The Philips Lumify hand-held ultrasound device will be used for this study. - Images can be acquired manually by a novice user. - Each novice user will have a training course of 8 hours, before the study commences.

Clinical Trial Description

Study Design: This pilot study is a single center, multi-reader multi-case study, primarily designed to obtain the quality of the echocardiography exam, obtained by novice users when using the USEG software. Eligible subject will undergo the examination twice on a single study visit : once by one of novice users when using the USEG software and once by one of the expert sonographers without the aid of the software. Each novice user will perform the examination on 15-20 subjects (depending on the number of novice user, with the aim that the number of examinations by each novice will be the same). The assignment of the novice user and expert sonographer to subjects and their order within a subject will be based upon their availability once the subject's is enrolled. In case of more than 1 available novice, the exam will be assigned to the novice with the least exams performed so far. At least 10 subjects will be enrolled from each of the following three BMI groups= < 25; =25 to <30; => 30. Study Procedures: After an informed consent is obtained, screening was completed and eligibility has been confirmed, each subject will undergo the examination twice on the day of visit (Day 1): once by a novice user and once by an expert sonographer. In case of any administrative delay, the investigator may address the issue with the sponsor, and upon approval, the second examination may be postponed in up to 96 hours. The novice user will obtain 10 clips using the UltraSight guidance software for 10 pre-defined views from each patient, and an expert sonographer will obtain 10 clips for the same 10 views without the aid of the UltraSight software. The order in which the novice user and expert sonographer performs the examination per patient will be based on their availability once the subject's is enrolled. In case of more than 1 available novice, the exam will be assigned to the novice with the least exams performed so far. Adverse events will be monitored throughout the visit. ;

Study Design

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NCT number NCT05067803
Study type Observational
Source UltraSight
Contact Robert Klempfner, MD
Phone (0)3-5302604
Email [email protected]
Status Not yet recruiting
Start date November 2021
Completion date September 30, 2022

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