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In this pilot randomized control trial, the investigators will evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of using a video and website in a prenatal visit to provide breastfeeding education, focusing on how to hand express (HE) breast milk. Participants will be randomized to the video/website intervention group or to the control standard of care group. After delivery, participants will be asked to provide information on how long they breastfed and if they used the information in the video and website. Differences in the outcome measures will be analyzed between the two groups.

Clinical Trial Description

This study aims to evaluate the feasibility of a new method for teaching breastfeeding skills, and may provide evidence that hand expression (HE) to augment milk production in the first days postpartum can help women breastfeed. Few studies have evaluated the use of HE for improving breastfeeding outcomes. This study will also evaluate the impact of a new video/website which can be utilized widely and adapted for other populations, both in clinical and non-clinical settings. Prenatal patients receiving care at a community health center in the Boston area will be invited to participate in the study at approximately 28 weeks gestation. Participants will complete a baseline questionnaire prior to randomization which will occur at the ~36 week prenatal visit. A 1:1 randomization schedule will be applied. Control arm: participants will be given usual care handouts and the study provider will provide anticipatory guidance and offer to answer any questions about breastfeeding. Intervention arm: participants will be shown the breastfeeding education video on a study tablet, and provided a QR code which will give them access to the associated website. After watching the video, study staff will then offer to review hand expression by answering questions and reviewing steps, and physically helping the patient to practice hand expression. Hands-on teaching of hand expression will be opt-in only and not required for study participation. Text messages will be sent to the intervention arm participants with the link to the intervention video and website, and a brief message reminding them to review the materials and to hand express frequently starting immediately after delivery. All participants (both arms) will be contacted to fill out a very brief, 10-item questionnaire (approximately 5 minutes) at 3 days postpartum, and short questionnaires (10-15 minutes) at 14 days and 60 days postpartum. Questionnaires will ask about use of hand expression, breastfeeding, formula use, perceived breastfeeding problems, breastfeeding efficacy and satisfaction with prenatal breastfeeding education. In all questionnaires participants will be asked about pain and potential adverse events. Participant and neonatal electronic medical records will reviewed through 2 months postpartum. ;

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NCT number NCT04549129
Study type Interventional
Source Boston Medical Center
Status Withdrawn
Phase N/A
Start date June 24, 2021
Completion date November 2023

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