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Closed-loop control of anesthesia involves using feedback from a measure of clinical effect to continuously adjust drug infusion rates. As a result, anesthetic drugs are delivered at a variable rate that is frequently personalized to each individual patient. The aim is to provide greater stability at an optimal depth of anesthesia, reducing the occurrence of under- or overdosing, with the goal of ultimately improving patient outcomes.

The purpose of this randomized, controlled equivalence trial is to compare controller performance during closed-loop controlled induction and maintenance of total intravenous anesthesia, using iControl system, with the addition of a low (analgesic) dose of ketamine versus saline control.

Clinical Trial Description

For the primary outcome measure, the investigators hypothesize that controller performance with low-dose ketamine will be equivalent to the controller performance without low-dose ketamine. The primary outcome measure, controller performance, is the percentage of time during the maintenance phase when the depth-of-hypnosis (DOH) measure is within +-10 points of the set point in patients receiving low dose ketamine versus those receiving saline control.

This study will consider other clinical data of interest from both intra- and post-operative contexts in order to establish a broader understanding of the potential implications of the use of a low dose of ketamine during closed-loop controlled anesthesia. In the OR, the investigators will record other indications of anesthetic quality, such as vital signs and the occurrence of any unwanted intra-operative events. Propofol and remifentanil consumption will be quantified, and the requirement of any other interventions will be recorded. The investigators will also record post-operative patient outcomes that have previously been associated with ketamine administration, such as acute post-operative pain intensity, opioid requirements, the occurrence of PONV, and shivering occurring in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU). ;

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NCT number NCT03009409
Study type Interventional
Source NeuroWave Systems Inc.
Status Completed
Phase Phase 1
Start date March 13, 2018
Completion date October 17, 2018

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