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Acute liver failure patients posed high mortality rate despite receiving standard therapy. The severity and mortality even higher in patients with underlying liver disease. Acute liver failure cause hyperinflammatory response in early stage and immunoparalysis in later stage. The surge of proinflammatory cytokines leads to multiorgan failure and more liver injury. Subsequent immunoparalysis may lead to lethal secondary infections. Liver support system had been used in acute and acute ontop chronic liver disease for last several decades. Double plasma molecular adsorption system (DPMAS) is one of the promising non-biological liver support system that have been extensively investigated in acute ontop chronic liver failure from hepatits B viral. DPMAS circuit consist of BS330 (bilirubin adsorber) and HA330 (Cytokines adsorber). Thus, DPMAS can also remove various cytokines. The effect of DPMAS on immune function in these patients has not been explored. Recent randomized controlled trial by Srisawat et al. demonstrated improvement of mHLA-DR in septic shock patients who received polymyxin B extracorporeal therapy compare to control arm. Since liver failure show change of immunological profile resemble to sepsis. Investigators proposed that removal of toxic liver toxins and lethal cytokines by DPMAS will improve immunological profiles in acute ontop chronic liver failure patients. Investigators plan to conduct a randomized controlled trial in acute ontop chronic liver failure patients who admitted to intensive care unit. Investigators plan to compare the immunomodulatory effects of DPMAS with standard treatments.

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NCT number NCT05030571
Study type Interventional
Source Chulalongkorn University
Contact Phatadon Sirivongrangson, MD
Phone (+66)0852447788
Email [email protected]
Status Not yet recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date September 1, 2021
Completion date July 1, 2023

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