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NCT ID: NCT04295733 Recruiting - Clinical trials for Acquired Immunodeficiency

Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of 4CMenB Vaccine(2 Doses) in Adults With an Immunodeficiency

Start date: February 6, 2020
Study type: Observational

The meningococcal quadrivalent conjugate vaccine (MenACWY) and the licenced multicomponent MenB vaccine (Bexsero®) have already been included in the Italian childhood immunization programme and recommendations for high risk categories have been also implemented. As by NIP, vaccination against MenB with either 4CMenB or fHbp-MenB is offered for free for several conditions including subjects with severe primary or secondary immunodeficiency. In Liguria Region meningococcal vaccination is actively offered to several chronic conditions including asplenia, patients with lymphoproliferative disease (also HSCT), subject treated with anti-CD20 mAb and HIV-positive. In Liguria Region there is a large diverse population with risk condition that, as by national and regional recommendation, receive meningococcal vaccination. For some of them, i.e. asplenic and complement deficiencies groups, evidence have been generated through an ad hoc clinical trial, while for other important groups there is clear need of immunogenicity data. In the proposed study, the Investigators plan to administer two doses of MenB vaccine (Bexsero®), 1-2 months apart, to adult patients living in Genoa area and belonging to following categories: - Bone marrow transplant (HSCT patient) - HIV positive - Alfa-CD20 subjects (i.e. Patients candidates for / in treatment with biologic drugs such as Rituximab). Immunogenicity data will be then obtained from sera collected at the day of the first Bexsero dose and one month after the immunization course by Serum Bactericidal Activity (SBA) assay.