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Pancreatic cancer patients receive chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells against mesothelin (CARTmeso) or CD19 (CART19) cells administered at 3 days via pancreatic artery infusion or i.v. after preconditioning of cyclophosphamide. Both CART cells are autologous. CARTmeso cells target pancreatic cells which highly express mesothelin, while CART19 cells target tumor-associated B cells expressing cluster of differentiation antigen 19 (CD19) which are mostly immunosuppressive. The investigators hypothesize that this combination therapy may enhance the efficacy of CARTmeso cells in the body. Additionally, a medium dose of cyclophosphamide is used to enhance the engraftment of CART cells.

Clinical Trial Description

This is a single arm, open-label, pilot study to determine the safety and feasibility of combination CARTmeso cells and CART19 cells in patients with pancreatic cancer following lymphodepletion with cyclophosphamide. Both cells contain CAR proteins consisting of a murine-derived single chain antibody fragment (scFv), cluster of differentiation antigen 137 (41BB) co-stimulatory domain and cluster of differentiation antigen 3 zeta chain (CD3ΞΆ) signaling domain transduced by lentivirus ;

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NCT number NCT03497819
Study type Interventional
Source First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical Univeristy
Status Active, not recruiting
Phase Early Phase 1
Start date October 1, 2017
Completion date October 31, 2020

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