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NCT ID: NCT03937024 Not yet recruiting - Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

GEN1042 Safety Trial in Subjects With Malignant Solid Tumors

Start date: July 2019
Phase: Phase 1/Phase 2
Study type: Interventional

To evaluate the safety of GEN1042 in patients with malignant solid tumors

NCT ID: NCT03935893 Not yet recruiting - Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

Adoptive Transfer of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes for Advanced Solid Cancers

Start date: June 1, 2019
Phase: Phase 2
Study type: Interventional

This is a Phase 2 study to evaluate the efficacy of a non-myeloablative lymphodepleting preparative regimen followed by infusion of autologous TIL and high-dose aldesleukin in patients with locally advanced, recurrent, or metastatic cancer associated with one of the following cancer types: 1.) gastric/esophagogastric, 2.) colorectal, 3.) pancreatic, 4.) sarcoma, 5.) mesothelioma, 6.) neuroendocrine, 7.) squamous cell cancer, 8.) Merkle cell, 9.) mismatch repair deficient and/or microsatellite unstable cancers, and 10.) patients who have exhausted conventional systemic therapy options by using the objective response rate (ORR).

NCT ID: NCT03930888 Recruiting - Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

Nutritional Support in Patients Undergoing Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Cancer

Start date: January 1, 2019
Study type: Observational

According to available data, 30-60% of patients are undernourished at hospital admission. The significance of the perioperative nutrition has already been studied in the 1930s. The outcomes of published studies demonstrated that patients with basic nutrient deficiencies have a higher frequency of postoperative complications and have a significantly longer recovery period. The main aim of the this prospective clinical trial is to evaluate the loss of muscle mass and strength of the patient, the self-sufficiency and the possibility of returning to normal activities, in relation to pre-operatively served nutritional supplements in patients undergoing elective surgery for colorectal cancer.

NCT ID: NCT03928652 Recruiting - Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

Prognostic Biomarker for CRC

Start date: April 24, 2019
Study type: Observational

The purpose of this clinical research project is to explore potential biomarkers and validate the predictive and prognostic value of molecular signature in colorectal cancer.

NCT ID: NCT03925883 Not yet recruiting - Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

Predicting and Addressing Colonoscopy in Safety Net Settings

Start date: May 1, 2019
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The prospective cohort study will evaluate the effectiveness of patient navigation in community health center settings. The investigators will collaborate with the advisory board, composed of key clinicians and patients, researchers, and policymakers, to establish a procedure to conduct and evaluate a patient navigation program that aims to increase rates of follow-up colonoscopy among diverse patient populations served by safety net clinics. Phase 1 will be a milestone-driven planning process in which the investigators will validate the risk prediction model and apply the risk prediction model to stratify the patients and adapt patient navigation materials for the local context. Phase II will be a large-scale, patient randomized-controlled trial that will include 1080 patients at a large 34-clinic community heath center in Washington State.

NCT ID: NCT03925662 Recruiting - Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

Mebendazole as Adjuvant Treatment for Colon Cancer

Start date: April 1, 2019
Phase: Phase 3
Study type: Interventional

mebendazole treating colon cancer

NCT ID: NCT03914170 Completed - Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

Folfirinox + Cetuximab Chemotherapy, in First Line, With Wild RAS and According to BRAF Status in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Start date: April 1, 2017
Study type: Observational

This retrospective study, will evaluate patient outcomes after triplet chemotherapy (FOLFIRINOX) (5 Fluorouracil + oxaliplatin + irinotecan) plus cetuximab 1st line treatment focusing on efficacy and safety in a RAS (KRAS, NRAS (neuroblastoma rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog) wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer population, and according to BRAF (murine sarcoma viral oncogene homolog B) status and primary tumor location.

NCT ID: NCT03909724 Not yet recruiting - Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

Pulsatile High-dose Sunitinib Versus TAS-102 in Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Carcinoma (mCRC)

Start date: July 1, 2019
Phase: Phase 2/Phase 3
Study type: Interventional

The purpose of this study is to compare progression free survival rates of metastasized colorectal cancer patients refractory or intolerant to systemic therapy with fluoropyrimidine, irinotecan, oxaliplatin, anti-VEGF therapy and anti-EGFR therapy (for tumours with wild-type KRAS)); randomized for treatment with TAS-102 (standard-arm) or High Dose Intermittent Sunitinib (700 mg once every 2 weeks). The investigators hypothesis is that treatment with the experimental arm (sunitinib) will provide an improvement in progression free in this patient group.

NCT ID: NCT03907579 Active, not recruiting - Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

Screen to Save: A Colorectal Cancer Educational Intervention

Start date: March 11, 2017
Phase: N/A
Study type: Interventional

The purpose of this research is to understand if an educational program about colorectal cancer helps improve people's knowledge of colorectal cancer prevention and screening and their intention to get screened for colorectal cancer.

NCT ID: NCT03906110 Recruiting - Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

Community Colorectal Cancer Awareness, Research, Education & Screening (C-CARES)

Start date: January 12, 2018
Study type: Observational

The purpose of this study is to test if including personalization in education materials about colorectal cancer screening is more effective at helping encourage people to complete colorectal cancer screening.