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This Human Factors Validation Testing will assess user interactions to verify the capability of potential users to assess if the study product fits their needs and if they can use it correctly based on the provided Information For User (IFU)? More specifically, this is a non-comparative case series study and is subdivided into two major parts. Those parts are: 1. Phase I: aimed at testing if, based on the IFU, the potential subjects can decide whether the study product is or is not appropriate to treat their condition and, 2. Phase II: aimed at assessing whether the users can use the study product correctly without counseling by a health care provider.

Clinical Trial Description

Phase I To simulate an OTC setting, potential subjects will be requested to read the label text on the outside of the study product package (external labeling) and determine whether the study product addresses their needs, without a provider direction or assistance. Phase II The study product will be dispensed only to those subjects who will indicate that they voluntarize to participate in this phase of the study. At Phase II subjects with xerostomia and that are willing to try the study product, will be requested to use it with no training, except for their understanding of the User Manual (internal labeling). Those subjects will use the study product in a supervised clinical setting. Subjects who report any discomfort will be offered the option to pause and remove the device upon such a request. Correct use verification will be performed by the study investigators. Subjects will answer questions regarding product use, clarity of the IFU, ease of use, etc. Subjects will also receive an exam of their oral cavity. ;

Study Design

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NCT number NCT05058430
Study type Interventional
Source Saliwell Ltd.
Contact Susan Zunt, DDS, MS
Phone 317-274-5250
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date September 16, 2021
Completion date January 15, 2022

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