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This is a prospective chart study that will aim to assess objective data on compliance levels to low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) injections among pregnant and postnatal women undergoing VTE thromboprophylaxis treatment at Cork University Maternity Hospital. This is a study that will help shine light on accurate data for compliance and possible factors affecting it, which will be useful for more individualised treatment plans for future patients. Patients at higher risk of Venous thromboembolism undergoing VTE thromboprophylaxis will be invited to participate in the study. Once the patient reads the information leaflet and signs consent, data will then be collected from the patients medical record. The patient will be given a smart sharps bin with an individual, unique product code. This device will be provided by HealthBeacon, a Dublin based start-up company. The device will be personalised with the treatment schedule pre-loaded onto it. When a used LMWH injection is disposed into the smart sharps bin, an infrared sensor is activated. The system captures an image of the injection in the chamber before moving it to the normal 'sharps' container of the bin for disposal. The captured image is time-stamped and sent to HealthBeacon's electronic database. HealthBeacon will only have the data pertaining to the disposal of injections for each sharps bin (i.e. the timing of the disposal of each used injection in each pre-coded bin). We are blinded to the compliance information and will only will receive the raw Data once treatment is completed. Data will be analysed to determine compliance of LMWH injections. This study will enable us to have a better insight on accurate compliance rates for LMWH injections in pregnant women at higher risk for venous thromboembolism (VTE). Understanding compliance with LMWH injections and the factors which can affect it, will hopefully guide future information and education that we offer to patients who are prescribed LMWH injections and help decrease maternal mortality rates in future.

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NCT number NCT05066867
Study type Observational
Source Cork University Maternity Hospital
Contact Rebecca M Cole, M.B.
Phone +353214920500
Email [email protected]
Status Recruiting
Start date January 1, 2021
Completion date April 1, 2022

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