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To establish whether the addition of intrathecal tetanus antitoxin reduces the need for mechanical ventilation in patients with tetanus

Clinical Trial Description

The investigators will conduct a randomised partially-blinded controlled 2x2 factorial trial. First, adults admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases Ho Chi Minh City will be randomized to receive either human (3000 IU) or equine (21,000 units) intramuscular antitoxin. Second, participants will be randomized to receive either standard treatment with intramuscular antitoxin alone or with the addition of 500 IU intrathecal human antitoxin. Patients with prior antitoxin treatment and those with contra-indications to lumbar puncture or antitoxin treatment will be excluded.

All patients will receive other standard tetanus treatment as deemed necessary by the attending physicians. Spasms will be treated with benzodiazepines as first-line therapy. Patients with spasms not controlled with benzodiazepines will receive tracheostomy, paralysis, magnesium sulphate and mechanical ventilation. Heart rate, BP, temperature and daily drug use will be recorded throughout the ICU stay. Patients will be followed following discharge from hospital until 240 days for disability/ death. ;

Study Design

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NCT number NCT02999815
Study type Interventional
Source Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Vietnam
Status Completed
Phase Phase 1/Phase 2
Start date February 13, 2017
Completion date May 1, 2020

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