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Tension-type headache (TTH) causes a significant negative impact on working and daily life due to the reduction in work productivity and family and social activities causes. There is evidence that manual therapy and exercise reduce nociceptive input from the cervical spine and surrounding muscles, the use of manual therapy in TTH management

Clinical Trial Description

Increased cranio-cervical muscle sensitivity is the most prominent finding in TTH. Also, neck pain is markedly more common in individuals with TTH compared with the control population (88.4%, and 56.7%, respectively). Therefore, current research on the pathogenesis of TTH focuses on the role of musculoskeletal disorders in the cervical spine and the facilitation of nociceptive pain processing. It has been suggested that peripheral sensitivity of nociceptors in cranio-cervical muscles and other cervical structures, as well as sensitivity of nociceptive pain pathways in the central nervous system (CNS) due to long-term nociceptive stimuli may play a role in development and chronification of TTH ;

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NCT number NCT04546165
Study type Interventional
Source Istanbul Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Training and Research Hospital
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date June 22, 2020
Completion date September 10, 2020

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