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A randomized control trial was made to examine the effect of discharge training developed using Nursing Interventions Classification on surgical recovery in patient who underwent oncological surgery.

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The concept of surgical recovery is defined as "starting activities aimed at maintaining daily life, health and well-being after surgery" and delay in surgical recovery "increasing the number of days after surgery required to start activities aimed at maintaining daily life, health and well-being after surgery". Problems such as fatigue, pain, incisional surgical site infection, loss of appetite, which are common in patients in the postoperative period, are symptoms associated with delayed surgical recovery. In addition to these symptoms, the presence of conditions such as delayed return to home / work activities need for self-care, nausea, anorexia, pain, and difficulty in moving indicate that surgical recovery is interrupted. It has been reported that delay in surgical recovery is common after surgeries such as gastrostomy, colectomy, and exploratory laparotomy. Patients who have undergone gastric or colorectal cancer surgery should receive discharge training before returning to social life and business life. Nurses should determine the problems they may experience at home in patients who have undergone surgeries such as gastrostomy, colectomy, and exploratory laparotomy, where delay in surgical recovery is frequently reported, plan and apply discharge training for these problems, and monitor patients in terms of surgical recovery processes at home. It has been reported that this way, the surgical recovery process can be supported and delays in surgical recovery can be prevented. This study was conducted to determine the effect of a discharge training developed using the Nursing Interventions Classification on surgical recovery in patients undergoing oncologic surgery. It was tested the hypotheses that there was no difference between the post-intervention intervention and control groups in terms of the surgical recovery score averages in patients who had undergone oncologic surgery were tested. ;

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NCT number NCT04862104
Study type Interventional
Source Aydin Adnan Menderes University
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date August 1, 2018
Completion date December 27, 2019

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