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Currently, the investigators know that there is a high and increasing prevalence of sleep quality and quantity deficits in the general population with the social and health consequences that this entails. There are numerous activity wristbands linked to mobile apps that analyze sleep, but none can generate individualized recommendations for improvement interacting with the person. The main objective of the current project is to develop a virtual and interactive sleep assistant to increase the quantity and quality of sleep. Secondary objectives being the improvement of daytime sleepiness and the quality of life of the persons. Methodology: 202 participants in active employment who meet the criteria of "poor sleepers" (defined by a Pittsburg test score >5) are divided into 2 study groups. 1. Intervention group: Sleep data will be collected using validated questionnaires (SATED and the Sleep Hygiene Index) and objectively employing an activity bracelet, in which weekly, through a live chat, the medical staff of the sleep units will offer recommendations for the improvement of the deficits detected. 2. Control group: Same protocol as the intervention group, but the participants will not receive the recommendations via the interactive chat.

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NCT number NCT05066581
Study type Interventional
Source Hospital Universitario Araba
Status Enrolling by invitation
Phase N/A
Start date June 21, 2021
Completion date December 31, 2024

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