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Neuromeningeal mobilization or neurodynamics is a movement-based technique whose purpose is to restore peri- and intraneural homeostasis (1). It is based on principle that nerves have to lengthen and shorten to maintain normal muscle tension and range of motion (1) This technique has been shown to be effective in recovering tissue mobility (2), reducing pain in low back pain (3) and neck pain (1) and pain intensity in the elderly, and increasing joint range of motion and muscle flexibility (4 ) Regarding balance, sciatic nerve sliding has been shown to immediately improve balance to one leg ( dinamic balance) after application in a comparative study before and after (4,5) No study has been realised in for the Posterior Tibial, Deep Peroneal, Medial Dorsocutaneous and Lateral Nerves, and no study has verificated standing balance and range of motion in ankle joint

Clinical Trial Description

The study will consist of recording before and after applying the nerve mobilization exercise. Measurements will be made on the same day without the need to go at another time. In this study, participants will be asked to stand on a pressure platform several times in a relaxed manner and with eyes open and closed before and after a neuromeningeal mobilization technique indicated for the treatment of pain in your feet. In addition, the mobility of the ankle will be measured with the knee flexed and stretched. The measurements or tests to be carried out are totally innocuous and do not carry any risk to your health and integrity. Participants will have to remain barefoot for a maximum of 30 seconds, a total of 8 times on a pressure platform ;

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NCT number NCT05190224
Study type Interventional
Source Mayuben Private Clinic
Phone 616255378
Email [email protected]
Status Not yet recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date January 3, 2022
Completion date January 10, 2022

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