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Non-nutritive sucking combined with a step-by-step oral feeding regimen shortens the total oral feeding cycle in premature infants

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In order to improve the feeding of premature infants <32 weeks of gestation, a complete oral feeding intervention program is provided for premature infants, which combined the evaluation of oral feeding readiness, the evaluation of oral feeding performance, non-nutritional sucking intervention and progressive feeding program. Premature infants will be assessed 12 times a day before feedings using the Feeding Preparation Scale. Assess the premature infants by using the Feeding Preparation Scale. If the premature infant does not meet the oral feeding standard, let the premature infant use the non-nutritive sucking for 3 minutes before the nasal feeding; if the premature infant meets the oral feeding standard, use the non-nutritive sucking for 3 minutes, and refer to the feeding schedule for the premature infant. The whole intervention stops until the premature infant achieves the full oral feeding. Length of time required for complete oral feeding of premature infants is compared between the intervention group and the control group to evaluate the effect of the complete oral feeding intervention program on improving the feeding of premature infants <32 weeks of gestation. ;

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NCT number NCT05208437
Study type Interventional
Source Children's Hospital of Fudan University
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date February 1, 2022
Completion date July 31, 2023

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