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Patients undergoing cardiac surgery often complain of anxiety before a major operation and the resulting stress. This circumstance is a risk factor for mental problems that may occur after the operation (e.g., delirium or memory deficits). This study aims to prevent these discomforts by a preoperative relaxation intervention.

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Preoperative anxiety and stress are risk factors for postoperative delirium (PD), postoperative cognitive decline (POCD), morbidity, and mortality. The primary objective of this study is to reduce the preoperative stress response through the combined presentation of a virtual reality environment with natural landscape and binaural beats. The proposed study is a monocenter, 5-arm prospective randomized controlled intervention of 125 patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery using extracorporeal circulation. A 360 ° video sequence including natural sounds (with and without binaural beats) are presented to 2 groups, and 2 groups receive only natural sounds (with and without binaural beats); a group without stimuli (standard procedure) represents the control group. On the day of admission to the acute care clinic, a detailed examination of neuropsychological functions and health-related quality of life (HQL) is scheduled. Cortisol-saliva, heart rate variability and electrodermal activity as indicators for stress and relaxation are measured during the intervention phase (duration: approximately 30 minutes), which leads directly into the narcosis phase. To investigate postoperative neurocognitive dysfunctions, daily delirium screenings will be performed after surgery, and a neuropsychological examination will be performed at the time of discharge from the acute hospital and at 3 months after surgery. Changes in HQL will also be completed at 3 months post-surgery. ;

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NCT number NCT05036538
Study type Interventional
Source Heart and Brain Research Group, Germany
Contact Rolf Meyer, M.Sc.-Psych.
Phone +496032 996 2557
Email [email protected]
Status Not yet recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date September 2021
Completion date December 2023

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