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Diagnosis of vascular involvement in diabetic foot disease remains challenging. Differential diagnosis between pure neuropathic or neuro-ischemic diabetic foot requires a combination of clinical examination, medical history and ankle-brachial index (ABI) measurement, which is considered the "gold standard" non-invasive modality for limb ischemia diagnosis. However, in diabetic patients with suspected arterial ischemia resulting in tissue loss (critical limb ischemia; CLI), false negative ABI results are frequent due to Monckeberg medial sclerosis producing incompressible vessels, while clinical signs are subjective and not accurate in posing definite diagnosis of CLI.

The investigators conducted a proof of concept study of the feasibility of microwave radiometry thermometry for non-invasive diagnosis of CLI in diabetic patients with tissue loss.

Clinical Trial Description

This is a prospective, multi-centre, trial designed to investigate the he feasibility and efficacy of microwave radiometry thermometry for non-invasive diagnosis of CLI in diabetic patients with tissue loss. The study included 80 patients, equally divided in four groups. Group N: normal subjects; group DN: diabetic patients with verified neuropathic ulcers without vascular involvement; group DC: diabetic patients with CLI and group NDC: non-diabetic patients with CLI. All patients underwent MWR with the RTM -01-RES device (University of Bolton, UK) to record the mean internal tissue temperature of the foot. MWR is based on the principle that the intensity of radiation is proportional to tissue temperature. The specific device is not commercially available and has been developed to detect temperatures from internal tissues at microwave frequencies. Foot temperature measurements were performed as near as possible at the site of ulceration in patients of groups DN, DC and NDC and in various sites in subjects of control group N. ;

Study Design

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NCT number NCT03002116
Study type Interventional
Source Attikon Hospital
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date January 2016
Completion date November 2016

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