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Subjects will receive multiple sub-doses over a 4-hour period to deliver a total overall dose of 1E11. Evaluations of immunogenicity, safety, and tolerability will be evaluated. The active period consists of data collection at Day 1, Day 8, and Day 29. Safety follow-up continues by phone screen at Day 180 and Day 365.

Clinical Trial Description

Primary Objective - To determine the immunogenicity of the VXA-G1.1-NN oral vaccine administered via multiple sub-doses over a 4-hour period to deliver a total dose of 1E11 IU ±0.5 log Secondary Objectives - To determine the safety and tolerability of the VXA-G1.1-NN oral vaccine administered via multiple sub-doses over a 4-hour period to deliver a total dose of 1E11 IU ±0.5 log This is an open-label study in healthy adult participants aged 18-55 years old. The study will enroll 8 subjects to a single treatment cohort, all of whom will receive a single 1E11 IU± 0.5 log at Day 1. This dose will be administered in a step wise manner over 4 hours with 1/3 of the dose administered at T=0, 1/3 of the dose administered at T= 2 hours and 1/3 of the dose administered at T=4 hours. The study will include a Screening Period, Active Period (Day 1 to Day 29, 4 weeks post vaccination) and a Safety Follow-up Period through 12 months post vaccination (Day 365). In addition, participants will be contacted by phone during the Safety Follow-up Period to assess for Serious Adverse Events (SAEs), AEs of Special Interest (AESIs) and New Onset of Chronic Illness (NOCIs). After signing an informed consent, participants will undergo screening assessments to determine study eligibility within a 30-day screening period. Eligible participants will be enrolled and receive their first dose of study vaccine on Day 1. During the Active Period, participants will record any potential solicited symptoms of reactogenicity daily for 1 week post study vaccination. Participants will return to the site as specified in the Schedule of Activities to have safety assessments and samples collected for evaluation of immunogenicity. Approximately 8 subjects will be vaccinated in the active phase. The following study visits and remote contacts will be conducted during the study: Active Period: - Screening Period (Days -30 to -1) - Day 1 Visit (Baseline assessments, vaccination, sample collection) - Day 8 Visit (Safety assessments, sample collection) - Day 29 End of Active Period; (Safety assessments, sample collection) Safety Follow-Up Period: - Day 180 (follow-up phone call for safety) - Day 365 (follow-up phone call for safety): Study completion ;

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NCT number NCT05213728
Study type Interventional
Source Vaxart
Status Completed
Phase Phase 1
Start date January 24, 2022
Completion date February 24, 2022

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