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The aim of investigator's study is to combine and compare the two scientifically approved therapies for the CNSNP to investigate the short term and mid-term changes of the combination of these two manual techniques concerning pain, function, range of motion ROM and postural stability.

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Neck pain NP is a recognized medical and socioeconomic problem, which is responsible for high treatment costs, sick leave, and individual suffering, in addition to being one of the main reasons for people to seek health care services .NP is widely spread in healthcare centers with a prevalence estimation of 288.7 million, in North Africa and the Middle East ranged between 3917.7 to 5022.4 per 100 000 populations in 2017. NP with symptoms duration exceeding 12 weeks is considered chronic. Individuals who have chronic non-specific neck pain CNSNP have less quality of life, and more pain interference in their life. More over studies showed that patients with CNSNP subjects have poorer postural control than healthy subjects. Alteration of the proprioception of the neck muscles and joints that play a master role in the cervical joint position and motor control of the head could be the primary cause of CNSNP . Studies have evaluated the effect of different manual techniques in cases of CNSNP checking mainly usefulness and effectiveness of these interventions on this clinical condition. However, there is less evidence in literature investigating the short and mid-term changes of these techniques. Manual therapy, is a physical treatment primarily used by physical therapists, occupational therapists, manipulative therapy to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability; it is most commonly includes kneading , manipulation of the muscles and mobilization of joints .Many Studies investigating the effectiveness of manual therapies on CNSNP ,proving reduction of spinal excitability and pain sensitivity, enhancement of function and range of motion. Brian Mulligan techniques are widely used for joint dysfunction by growing number of therapists and are an important addition to the field of Manual Therapy. Literature reveals many and diverse treatment approaches for chronic neck pain. Sustained natural apophyseal glides SNAGs are pain free spinal manual therapy treatment techniques involving concurrent accessory joint gliding and active physiological movement, with overpressure at end range, which are utilized for painful movement restrictions of the spine. Mulligan's SNAGs is one of the most statistically proved in many studies that manual therapy technique affects proprioception, function, range of motion, pain. On the other hand, Myofascial release which is a form of soft tissue therapy that is intended to reduce pain and increase mobility in patients that are suffering from chronic pain conditions. Myofascial release has shown effectiveness in reducing mechanical neck pain and in improving functional abilities by freeing restrictions of movement that originate in the soft tissues of the body. Furthermore, as the focus of most previous studies has been to examine compare mulligan's SNAGs and Myofascial release separately, studies on their combination effects have been largely ignored. Both two techniques have shown efficacy, but since SNAGS and Myofascial release are different mechanisms of action, the time of their effects and their progression could be different. The aim of investigators' study is to combine and compare the two scientifically approved therapies for the CNSNP to investigate the short term and mid-term changes of the combination of these two manual techniques concerning pain, function, range of motion ROM and postural stability. ;

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NCT number NCT05061121
Study type Interventional
Source Cairo University
Contact Amal A. abdel baky, MD
Phone 01111102279
Email [email protected]
Status Not yet recruiting
Phase N/A
Start date December 1, 2021
Completion date April 1, 2022

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