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Pain and trismus caused by Myalgia in masticatory muscles are one of the prime concerns for the patients. Various studies have been performed using US therapy for myofascial pain syndrome of head & neck region. US is a non-invasive frequently used physical agent which increase blood flow in tissues and collagen fibers ability to grow, & reduce muscle spasm with its thermal effect. It is difficult to imply the results of studies performed in muscles of other regions of body to the maxillofacial region because of the superficial placement of these muscles.US is being frequently used for myofascial pain, but there is an absence of a consensus regarding the frequency and mode of administration available in literature for administration of this therapy in maxillofacial region. Therefore, the present study has been designed to compare the therapeutic effect of two modes of US i.e., continuous and pulsed at 3 MHz frequency

Clinical Trial Description

Pain and trismus caused by Myalgia in masticatory muscles are one of the prime concerns for the patients. There are limited number of studies in the literature that have evaluated therapeutic ultrasound for the management of Myalgia of maxillofacial region. Various studies have been performed, evaluating the treatment of myofascial pain with trigger point in other parts of body including neck region using ultrasound, but not all patient of myalgia present with trigger point. The most frequently used ultrasound frequencies are 1 and 3MHz. 1 MHz has more penetrating power as compared to 3MHz. Masticatory muscles being superficial in location need less penetrating waves as compared to other muscles. The ultrasound can be applied in a continuous or pulsed manner. There are studies supporting the fact that Continuous ultrasound therapy is more efficient in reducing myofascial pain syndrome of trapezius muscle at rest because it produces a heating effect in the muscles, that help in breaking the spasm. On the other hand, the pulsed mode, produces more of penetrating effect and acts on the gas bubbles of the soft tissues, thereby decreasing the inflammation. However, the two methods have not yet been compared in maxillofacial muscles. Therefore, this study aims to compare the outcome of therapeutic Ultrasound administered at 3MHz frequency in continuous & pulse modes in myalgia of maxillofacial region ;

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NCT number NCT05211245
Study type Interventional
Source Postgraduate Institute of Dental Sciences Rohtak
Status Completed
Phase N/A
Start date August 1, 2021
Completion date October 15, 2022

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